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how did you get here?

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yay! thanks for tagging me! i need a bit of inspiriation to get me blogging! i will ponder and post in the next couple of days! how goes the sale??


"and if i had a boat, i'd float upon the ocean, and if i had a horse, i'd ride him on my boat..."

I'm on it. may take a day or two. But i'm on it.





I love these, Steph. Now I have that DMB song in my head.

Even though I don't think I've ever wanted to be a farmer, you sure do make it sound appealing. This, especially, I keep coming back to read: "mr. farmer and i would raise a bunch of fat babies into lean sun-golden children who read books in trees, know how to play out-of-doors, and know what "respect" is all about." Ahh, sounds like heaven. Will there be a giant swing on your porch where I can come over and read and sip lemonade with you? I sure hope so.


sounds like you should take up rural life. i'd come pet your animals, and maybe ask you to teach me how to cook something.


joolz - of course! (spiked lemonade? : ) ) a porch is a must, whether i'm on the farm or not. (my current little house doesn't have one, but i don't really know my neighbors enough to enjoy the porch right now anyway...)

kelly - you bet. but be warned: i will have a gas stove/oven on the farm, because i burn things like crazy on electric.


and joolz, it's never a bad day to have dmb stuck in your head. could i have been...lost somewhere in paris... what's the use in worryin'?

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