¿qué hora es?


how did you get here?

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The "pumpkin latte" a Starbucks thing, huh?! Heck yeah- I'm in the know girl- I'm I Miss Starbuck employee! ;) Ha ha! Actually, I might have a nutritionist job soon though- something's in the works, but might not happen, it's not definate yet. Hope your job search is going okay as well. I love reading your blogs. I, myself am too depressed to blog. I don't want anyone to read about myself right now. It may end soon though!

Sound like a fun experiment- the raw diet thing. Glad you are having a good time w/ it- even if it's not a long term thing! :)

I hope you are doing well!



I'm going to come to your election party tomorrow after work. Should I bring something raw?

Dave M

Did you survive?!?

Procrastination Free Living

You have a nice idea with that!! About the green vege in you garden!! I like it so much in Philippines they call that "patola" ,, Have a nice day !!

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