¿qué hora es?


how did you get here?

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Did Rooster get up there all by herself?


they both jumped up there on their own. my very own cat vs. chicken.


Yeah, that definitely looks like a hen, in case you are worried. She probably is trying to get herself a man, and Rufus is looking pretty good right now!!


I wish we had little catcken babies!


hahaha - oh becky! yeah, she's pretty hard up going after rufus. he's a moody cuss. :)

we call her rooster because she was the most likely candidate for the position. we know she's a hen because they all are laying, but the name stuck.


hehe, rooster for a hen, thats cute. we had roosters named Petunia and Coco, cuz we thought they were girls....


When we were very little (like 4 and 6) we had a rooster named Henrietta. We thought we were sooo cool, finding a name with "hen" in it. These were my dad's chickens but they lived at my grandmother's house. i don't think we really understood poultry gender that well back then. We also had Princess Topaz and ... Brenda, what was the other chicken's name that was pretty like that? (Somehting with Emerald...?)


Hey girl!

You haven't updated! I guess I'm in the same boat as well! I always aim to update more frequently, but, well, it just doesn't happen.

Have you found a job yet?

If you are serious about starting a writing group- let me know! I have a friend who wants to join (she lives in flagstaff right now, but expressed interest if we wanted to start something as well).
Otherwise, I was looking up writers groups - and found this one-
AZ Authors Association
Not all their events are in the local area, but they have speakers every couple of weeks in the valley (look at their event calendar). It might be a great way to network! I'd totally be interested in going with you, if you wanted a partner in crime!

Let me know if your interested and how you are doing!


That's great! The cat looks scared, but is surely brave nonetheless.

Lovely pictures on your blog.

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