¿qué hora es?


how did you get here?

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I think your next post should be all about the creative projects on which you've been working--like awesome magnet wall!


I know looking for a job is hard and even harder not to get lost within yourself...I tend to do it too! I didn't realize though the pain it was causing you and will make sure to be thinking about it often!! I hope it turns up quickly...but the projects you have going look really cooll, did you make a bag (super cute!!)

Love you,

Kelli :)


How is the job hunt going? I hope you find something soon! I loved your auditor vs editor story! lol I am without a "real" job as well. And depressed beyond depressed right now too! I totally hear you. When you see your savings dwindling, it's not a pretty sight. You shall find something though! I would love to be a writer. I may try freelance writing for about a month actually. I probably need an editor - but can't hire one at this point. If I make enough money someday, your services are needed ;) Good luck on the job hunt!

Karen (you know me through Brenda)

ps Are you going to Dave Matthews on the 23rd? I haven't bought a ticket yet- but I'm thinking about it. Yes, it's totally an expense I don't need with my broke self, but I just might splurg anyhow;) Let me know if your going! Totally understandable if you aren't though. I shouldn't be, but I'm such a big fan, I may just go.

Take care!

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