¿qué hora es?


how did you get here?

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i love, love, love "somebody told me"

i put it on repeat a lot.



I bet you're cute as a button too.

Take care


so i'm not one thing. they said i am indie girl, girl next door, and granola girl.


Just so you know, noone needs a pen to validate their independence. Just attitude.


very fun quiz. i was academic girl - and i have to admit, when i read the section on how to woo an academic girl - i would have been impressed if a boy followed their guidelines.....until i found a copy of the book "cooking to hookup" in his apartment.


Well, I'm all for getting in touch with my feminine side... but, I had trouble with the "what type guy puts me in the mood" question... anyway, I guess if I were a girl, it said I was a hybrid of athletic/indie... yep, I can live with that!


iphy - the whole cd is so good. some up, some down, all very cool. (i get an old-school cure feel to some of their songs - and you can never go wrong with that)

michael - thanks! i have my cute days. : ) cute is probably the only non-deprecating adjective i use on myself.

kelly - i was hoping to be a mix of academic and indy...but i came out just indie.

jeep - boy do i have attitude...ask my family.

amy - i almost left a disclamer, but it was a pretty fun quiz. i want to read through the book and see what kinds of meals are sure to get me in the sack, so i know what to expect...

patrick - i would definitely say you are indie. you rawk. : )

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