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i close my eyes and the world drops dead
(i think i made you up inside my head)

how many times have i thought this? so many that i wrote the quote on a t-shirt once.


that makes two of us, stephanie. i never thought of myself as a plath, but it's better than a hughes.


Great blog you have here.

Curses for "making me" take yet another online quiz. I can't pass those things by.


P.S. I'm Jabberwocky.


amy - if i had found that poem in jr high, and had known about the q-tip bleach trick, every piece of clothing i owned would have been "ruined" with quotes such as this. instead i wrote on my walls with marker...mostly lyrics like "i have only one burning desire/let me stand next to your fire" and "when your desire/it has been found/you'll be running far away..." i think i gained a little insight into myself just now...

jeremy - the description was what stopped me in my tracks - "you're also likely to start stalking people." don't all girls stalk at some point? i had to go read the poem, and found a lot of truth in this silly quiz. good to know i'm not the only plath!

josh - i know - it's a freaking obsession now. when i see one i have to do it. sick sick sick.

and thanks for linking to my little blog! makes me feel all gooshy inside!!! : )


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